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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Know more about us and our services!

1. What type of service do you offer?

We offer the following services -

Domestic Cleaning - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly
Daily Office Cleaning - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly
Spring/Deep Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly
Builders Cleaning
End of Tenancy Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
2. How soon can a Cleaner start? Normally within a week/days depending on your requirements and which day of
the week you need the cleaner to come.

3. Will the cleaner come on the same day of the week?

Yes they will, but if you need to change your regular day you should speak to the office and we would be glad to help.

4. How will the cleaner be paid? The company pays the cleaner.

5.Does the same cleaner come every week? Yes. As long as you are happy with the cleaner we sent you they will be with you every week. A replacement cleaner is only used if your regular cleaner is sick, on holiday, leaves the company or you become dissatisfied with them.

6. What should I do if a cleaner fails to turn up? While every effort is made to check cleaners

reference for reliability, to ensure you get a cleaner that won't let you down, there is a possibility that this may

happen. Cleaners get sick like everyone or their children get sick and they have to take them to doctors, whatever the problem is they will let us know and we would inform you immediately. Sometimes they do not let us know in time to contact you. Should this happen, contact us immediately and we will make an alternatively arrangements for you.

7. Are the cleaners insured? Insurance is in place for accidental damage to your property or injury to the cleaner when working in a clients' home or facility. Please note that the insurance is subject to £250 excess, so it is not for small breakages.

8. How do you check your cleaners are honest and reliable? As we are continuing advertising for cleaners, more candidates apply than we could ever use. When they first phone us they are asked certain questions for their suitability and many are rejected at this point. Appointments are made to interview the satisfactory candidates. Many candidates cancel their appointments before we even get to see them and some do not even turn up. By this stage more than half of the original applicants have been eliminated. When being interviewed, the candidates must provide work reference, proof of identity and proof of address. References are always verified for authenticity. A lot of work goes into checking the cleaners before they are giving a client's details.

9. Will the cleaners do ironing?

Yes, as long as it is within the same cleaning hours. Extra hours charged at normal cleaning price.

10. Can the cleaner come in more than once in the week?

The cleaners would come as many times as you require. There must be a prior notice to the office and this would normally be confirmed by writing. The extra days must be for at least for minimum of two hours as it is not fair for cleaners to travel to and fro your place for just one hour's work.

11. Can I have a more matured cleaner?

We would be pleased to find you a cleaner of your choice, but please bear in mind specific request can take more time.

12. Will my cleaner come on a Saturday or Sunday?

Arrangements can be made for Saturday and Sunday cleaning. You should let the office know exactly what your needs are so arrangements could be made to meet them.

13.How do I book for a cleaner?

You can book for a cleaner by phone on 0208599 1699 and fax on 0208 597 7778. You can also book for a cleaner online by clicking this link

14. How do i pay for the service?

There are many payments options in place. You can pay by cash or cheque(made payable to BNS Allied Limited), given to the cleaners as instructed and previously arranged by you and the company in our job confirmation to you. You can also pay by using Monthly account can be set up in case of business and special arrangements made between private clients and the company. If accounts are opened, payments are expected to be made 7 days after the invoice is received.

15. What happens if I miss my cleaning or want to cancel my appointments?

Please let us know in time and we would provide a satisfactory solution. Please click here to read about our terms, cancellation and refund policy

16. Do I provide my cleaning equipments/materials?

We supply all necessary equipments and cleaning materials needed for the jobs in certain post codes. This is in cognizance of Health and Safety measures. However, you can also supply your own cleaning materials if you so wish.

17. How do you charge for carpet cleaning?

Please call our sales team and we would provide you with an estimate or check our price list online here.

18. Do you give estimates for jobs?

Yes, we do and it is free.

19. What are the benefits of employing a cleaner from you?

There are many benefits to you for using our service. Some of the benefits are:

  • Rigorous checks on all job applicants to provide you with a cleaner who is honest, reliable, competent and legally entitled to work in this country.
  • Same cleaner every week, so they become familiar with your needs.
  • References checked and back up cover if your cleaner is sick or needs time off.
  • Insurance cover for accidental damage or injury to cleaner.
  • Benefits of booking online as well  pay by cheque and invoice account.

Please call our Customer Services department on 0208 599 1699 if you do not find the answer you need or you have further queries on any of our services.

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