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Retail Shops Cleaning

Professional Retail Cleaning & Shopping Centre Cleaning

Our retail cleaning division can provide shop cleaning, retail park and shopping centre cleaning to a very high standard.  Contracts can incorporate the cleaning of flooring, walls and retail space, street furniture, seating areas as well as kitchen deep cleans and regular cleaning services in food courts.  We are experienced in delivering hygiene and washroom services and can also provide commercial carpet cleaning, litter collection (internal and external), gum cleaning, waste collection and car park cleaning as part of a facilities contract. 

We are also able to provide cleaning contracts for independent stores, restaurants and bars. 

Our flexible cleaning plans can take into account in-depth cleaning following busy sales periods and additional working hours in peak periods.  The high standards achieved and maintained by BNS Claening Services, combined with an unobtrusive approach, ensures customer have the best possible shopping experience in a clean and welcoming environment they will want to return to.

Our shopping centre and retail park management and cleaning packages are tailor-made to each building and can incorporate high level window cleaning, office cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning.

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