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Floor Maintenance

Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Hard floor cleaning

Although hard floors require less specialised maintenance techniques than wood, carpet or stone, they will still suffer from damage and dirt build up if incorrectly maintained. We provide a deep cleaning and maintenance service for ceramic tiles, safety flooring, linoleum and vinyl flooring to keep your hard flooring in excellent condition.     

Restoring your floors

Over time, with neglect or poor maintenance soiling builds up and hard floors can start to look unsightly. A thorough deep clean will remove the ingrained dirt and restore your floor, prolonging its lifespan and saving you the time, money and inconvenience of replacing a hard floor. 
Ceramic tiles provide an extremely tough covering for your floor but it is important that they are cleaned with the correct products to prevent damage to the grouting and appearance.

After being installed and cleaned, linoleum and vinyl flooring needs to be sealed to improve the appearance as well as helping to ensure longevity. Over time this seal will become worn, so to prevent damage occurring to the flooring, the seal should be stripped and reapplied on a periodic basis. We recommend that this service is carried out on annually to ensure the floor is fully protected at all times.

Wood floor cleaning

Wood has always been a popular floor covering due to its hard wearing nature and attractive appearance. The key to maintaining the condition of a wood floor is the seal applied to the surface. If the seal is worn through and exposing bare wood, the flooring will become damaged and marked. Our expert technicians provide polishing, sanding, sealing and cleaning services as a solution to your wooden flooring requirements.

Dust and disruption limited

With daily wear and tear, the seal on a wood flooring can get damaged and worn through, leading to the flooring becoming scratched and the need for a restoration process.
Our technicians use sanding equipment with a 98% filtration system which reduces dust and causes minimal disruption to your site, as well as restoring damaged wooden flooring to an impressive standard.
At BNS, we also offer a screening and re-sealing treatment to remove light scratches. This non-intrusive restoration service is fast and cost effective, providing your wood floor with an extended lifespan. After replacing the seal, the flooring will only require light maintenance.

Stone floor cleaning

BNS has extensive experience in the cleaning and restoration of all types of stone flooring in the commercial environment. We use the latest equipment and techniques in polishing and diamond grinding to clean and restore stone floors, as we know that thousands of years of nature's work to create beautiful stone formations can be ruined in minutes if the wrong cleaning technique or product is used.

Full stone restoration service

BNS have many years of experience of caring for customer’s stone flooring including terrazzo, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone floors.
We can drastically improve heavily soiled floors, restoring them back to their original glory. From cleaning to polishing we can also advise you on the best way to maintain your stone flooring in the future.
The polishing service is highly effective for treating superficial scratches and general dulling of the floor surface which can occur over time. With our expertise, stone flooring is returned to a high standard that can be maintained with regular treatments.

For extensively damaged flooring, we provide a full stone restoration service. This involves grinding the flooring surface down with specialist diamond discs, leaving a high gloss finish.
All types of stone are porous to some degree and should have a seal applied. This makes the stone more resistant to future staining, and easier to keep clean.

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